What to Do in Yucatan Peninsula

It could not be denied that Mexico is one of the most visited places in the world. Millions of tourists flock to this country all year round. Probably because Mexico has a lot to offer to tourists. The Yucatan Peninsula is one of the most famous regions in Mexico. Yucatan Peninsula is situated in southeastern Mexico. What is great about this place is its diversity when it comes to tourist destinations. Visitors can experience almost everything in one single peninsula if they decide to visit this place.

Imagine visiting ancient Mayan ruins, then going to the beach afterward. You will also love visiting this place if you like outdoor adventures. Yucatan Peninsula also boasts its wildlife. Not to mention that you will also learn a thing or two about the history of this peninsula by visiting its colonial towns. You will also not run out of accommodations in the Yucatan Peninsula. You can stay at five star rated resorts if you put a big deal on luxury. On the other hand, backpackers can opt to stay at one of the hostels scattered in the region.

mayan ruins

As what was mentioned above, tourists can visit Mexico or the Yucatan Peninsula throughout the year. Bear in mind though that it is rainy season in this region from May to October. That being said, it might not be a good idea to visit during these months if you are after the beaches of the region. If you want to experience the best of the Yucatan Peninsula without too much crowd, then you should avoid visiting from December to March since it is the region’s peak season. Some of the things to do in Yucatan Peninsula are discussed below.

Go Snorkeling with the Sea Turtles or with Whale Sharks

You can visit Akumal beach if you want to experience swimming with the sea turtles. Bear in mind though that you need to coordinate with the locals before you can snorkel with the sea turtles. This is because the government is making an effort to preserve the area. You should also wear a life vest when snorkeling which you can rent from the snorkeling rental shops.

sea turtle

On the other hand, you can go to Isla Holbox if you want to swim with 40-foot whale sharks. Imagine swimming with a sea creature as big as a bus. If you are up for it, then you can head to Isla Holbox. Note that those who think that swimming with whale sharks is scary can still visit Isla Holbox to enjoy the white sand beaches.

Make Sure to Visit Chichen Itza

Your visit to the Yucatan Peninsula will never be complete if you do not head to Chichen Itza. The truth is that most of the tourists go to this region with the goal to visit Chichen Itza.  After all, this Mayan ruin is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Party at the 12th Street

If you love parties, then you should never miss the nightlife in Playa del Carmen’s 12th street. This is where the biggest parties in the Yucatan Peninsula are being held. The parties here are similar to the parties in some of the famous party places in the world. You can also head to Cancun for late night parties.…